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Advanced Precision Rifle 

Course Overview and Requirements

Course consists of Classroom Training, Safety Brief, and multiple Live Fire Drills (NOTE: This course will have some  physical exertion)


This course is not an introductory class and satisfactory completion of Introduction to Precision Rifle (formerly Scoped Rifle 1) is required prior to taking this class.  This class will cover advanced shooting techniques, positions, wind, range estimation and other factors needed for a shooter to engage targets at ranges to beyond 1000 yards.


Length of course is at least 15-20 hours over two days.  


Items required for completion of the course

  • Precision Scoped Rifle – Prefer a Bolt Action but high quality Semi Auto AR type are acceptable.  Calibers in the .308, 6/6.5 variants, 30/06 & .300 WM range, no .338's or similar powerhouses will be allowed. 

  • Match Grade Optic - A variable first focal plane power scope with greater than 15 power magnification with target style knobs. Scope must have a reticle that features ranging options either MOA or MIL that match the users turrets.

  • Rifle or Scope mounted bubble level

  • Suppressor - This class requires the use of suppressor equipped rifles (don't call me to complain on this it is a requirement and will improve the experience as well as the performance.   The suppressor should be a quality unit such as an SAS, Thunderbeast or similar quality that isn't diminishing performance.

  • Ammunition – minimum of 400 rounds of match quality ammunition.  Quality reloads are acceptable though. 

  • Quality Swiveling Bipod -  Atlas or S model Harris, avoid caldwell and other substandard harris clones.  They will not survive this course.

  • Rifle and Optic Cleaning Equipment - One piece coated rod or Sain Defense System, Bore Guide, solvents, patches etc.

  • Backpack – For use in stabilizing of your rifle in certain positions as well as carry all your needed ammunition, equipment, food and water for the day of training.  We Suggest Eberlestock!

  • Spotting scope and Tripod - Shooter/Observer Team will greatly benefit by a quality (10-40X range) FFP spotting scope with ranging reticle that matches turret adjustments and a tripod that properly supports the spotting scope and will allow the spotter to capture and follow bullet trace for corrections.  This isn't a required piece for this class but very desirable.  I suggest a PIG0311-G FIELD TRIPOD from high quality for a great price.

  • Sandbag or similar Support Device – For use in stabilizing rear of rifle, I have multiple and most work well depending on the position. is the source I use for most of my precision rifle support bags.

  • Databook - I suggest the Storm Tactical databook!

  • Calculator - for doing formulas

  • Ballistic Computer - APP's such as Ballistic AE is acceptable but the user must have a water tight case for the phone and a back up battery pack to keep the phone charged.  We won't be near a "current bush"! 

  • Steno Type Notebook – For note taking in classroom and on the range

  • Writing Utensiles – For note taking in classroom and on the range ( I suggest a ball point pen, grease pencil, and pencil)

  • Hearing protection – Wrap around or foam ear protection is acceptable.

  • Eye protection – Clear lens only (eye glasses will suffice for this)

  • Shooting mat or Heavy blanket/tarp – To be use as a barrier between you and the ground

  • Attire – Appropriate clothing (wet weather etc) for the environment, the range is outdoors.

  • Knee & Elbow Padding – If your tough you won’t need this but it will make the course more enjoyable and your accuracy will be better

  • Proper attitude – Willingness to learn, Focused on Safety

  • Bag Lunch for consumption during range days

  • Water, Gatorade and other hydrating beverages of your choice

  • Course fee – $500 Cash, Check or Paypal

  • $150 Deposit required at the time of booking is required to insure your spot.

Introducton to Precision Rifle at MaxLifeX
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