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Handgun Skills

Course Overview and Requirements

Handgun Skills is just like it sounds, a class for those desiring to sharpen up or broaden their current level of skill with a handgun.  Whether the purpose is self defense, or defense of others or maybe you just have a handgun in your home and you want to do the responsible thing and know how it operates so that it is less of a liability or mystery to you.  Either way my desire is to give you knowledge that will improve your comfort level and increase your safety and the safety of your family. 

To come to this class you won't need a huge list of required pieces of equipment.  For this class all I ask for you to bring is the following.


Handgun - The handgun must be safe and serviceable, if it is a semi auto then you will need to have the magazine that goes with it.  The term serviceable means the firearm must be safe to shoot with no degrading of the parts or safety components it was manufactured with.  If you have questions on whether your firearm is serviceable, please contact us for a inspection prior to the course date.  If that isn’t possible we will have loaner firearms available for you to use in the class for a small fee and the cost of the ammunition used.


Ammunition - The amount of ammunition you fire in this class may vary greatly. Pulling the trigger and shooting is far from the only skill you will be learning in this class.  That said I suggest bringing 200 rounds of training ammunition.  Ammunition must be factory condition, no reloads for safety reasons.


Eye and Ear Protection - Shooting firearms is loud and I don’t want you to damage your hearing, therefore you must bring either foam type hearing protection or wrap around ear muffs for the class.  You must also bring and wear protective eye wear that is designed for shooting safety.


Cleaning Gear - An old rag, tooth brush (not for your teeth) & any other components for firearms cleaning your may have.


Humility - I have been training people in firearms use and safety for over 30 years.  Believe me when I say this, you don’t know everything, nobody does.  I will not tolerate a participant that is so full of themselves that they refuse to follow the rules in place to keep everyone safe.  Pride can kill.  WE/I need to check our ego at the door.


Course fee is $125.00, The course fee must be made prior to attending this course.  No exceptions, No refunds will be given unless we are forced to cancel the class.  Course sizes are small to improve safety and increase learning making this a necessity. 



NOTE:  While this class isn’t titled for Missouri Concealed Carry or any states concealed carry training.  You will most likely meet and exceed Missouri’s requirement to obtaining a concealed carry permit in the skills display portion (typically by a very large degree).  If you are desiring to get your concealed carry permit for the state of Missouri through us this is one part of the course.  The other part you will need is the classroom/legal portion which can be taken prior to or at a later date.  To schedule that portion the cost is $75.  The classroom/legal portion is approximately 4-6 hours in length.

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