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Missouri Concealed Carry Course

Course Overview and Requirements

Missouri Concealed Carry Course (2 PART).   In order to obtain a CCW training certificate from Max Life you must attend and successfully complete both the classroom and range training courses identified below. 


Missouri CCW Legal Portion/Update (classroom) cost $75

This portion is classroom instruction covering the required laws and processes under Missouri law necessary to obtain the concealed carry permit.  This class can be taken as a stand alone update for individuals that want to refresh their memory on use of force and reciprocity as well as other key topics.  This class will include a completion certificate and will last 4-5 hours.  Snacks will be provided for customers in attendance.


Handgun Skills Portion (range training, proficiency development and display testing and qualification) cost $125

This class covers the safe use of a handgun from basic concepts such as how to load and unload and the use of manual safeties to fundamentals of marksmanship & shooting positions.  This course will also cover more advanced techniques such as proper target engagement for self defense, firearms presentation and threat identification, multiple threats and more.  

  • This class portions enrollment is purposefully kept smaller than general ccw or common firearms training classes to allow for increased individual attention and safety and to accommodate a high level of repetition that will allow each customer to learn and develop personal skills to a higher level. 

  • Please note that this is not a class only for those wanting a CCW training certificate.  This class is in-depth and exceeds the Missouri CCW requirements in every category.  Customers that are wanting to take their skills to higher levels of proficiency should choose this course for self analysis and continued personal development.  This class is 4+ hours in length.



At Maximum Life Expectancy our concept of training has always been that carrying a firearm is serious business and that the states minimum requirements for obtaining a permit have always been woefully low.  It is our desire to provide our customers with a level of training that is far and away better that anywhere else in the state of Missouri, if not anywhere in the USA.  Its our honor to earn your business and we want you to be adequately prepared for this endeavor. 

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