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In the real world the minimum doesn't guarantee survival. That's why our courses are intensive because your survival is our number one goal! With handgun class sizes limited on the range you get extensive hands on with answers to all your questions. Why pay for less, when you can get more for your money.


Course consists of classroom instruction and live fire practice drills and qualification. We offer concealed carry courses that are approved for the state of Kansas and Missouri (these are separate courses and are not run together).


Missouri CCW

Kansas CCHL

Concealed Carry

Scoped Rifle


Scoped Rifle I

This course is an introductory class into the proper use and operation of a scoped rifle or sniper grade rifle system. Many folks don’t care to learn sniper tactics but would like to be a better shot for plinking, varmit, or deer hunting. If this describes you then this is the class that will start you on the way. If your wanting to learn sniper tactics then you must start with the basics and first learn to crawl and this will start you with good fundamentals of scoped rifle marksmanship and preparation.

Carbine Rifle



Carbine I

Course consists of instruction on Safe Use and Handling, Proper Maintenance, Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Loading and Reloading, Zeroing, and Life Fire Exercises designed to improve the students understanding of their rifle and capabilities. This course doesn’t cover transitions from carbine to pistol (see Carbine 1).

Combat Pistol


Introduction to Combat Pistol

Combat Pistol Tactics I

Combat Pistol Tactics II

Combat Pistol Tactics III

This course is Missouri POST approved for Law Enforcement Continuing Education Credit.

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