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Introduction to Carbine Rifle

Course Overview and Requirements

Intro to Carbine Rifle
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Course consists of instruction on Safe Use and Handling, Proper Maintenance, Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Loading and Reloading, Zeroing, and Life Fire Exercises designed to improve the students understanding of their rifle and capabilities. This course doesn’t cover transitions from carbine to pistol (see Carbine 1).


Length of course is 7+ hours


Items required for completion of the course

  • Firearm – Semi-automatic carbine rifle (M16/AR15, Ruger Mini 14/30, AK/MAK Variants only) in proper working condition. Semi-automatic’s must have at least three magazines, it would be preferred that you have more, as you will learn and enjoy the course more

  • Sling – Either and single or two point sling is preferred. Three point slings aren’t recommended.

  • Ammunition – 200-300 rounds of carbine ammunition (.22 conversions are acceptable in this course.

  • Hearing protection – Wrap around or foam ear protection is acceptable.

  • Eye protection – Shatter proof lens that cover the entire eye socket area. (This is required)

  • Attire – Appropriate clothing for the environment, brimmed hat, shirt, shorts or pants.  Ladies I wouldn’t wear loose fitting tops as hot brass going down your shirt doesn’t feel good. The range is outdoors.

  • Sunscreen and lip balm

  • Proper attitude – Willingness to learn, Focused on Safety

  • Cleaning/Maintenance Gear for your weapons system

  • Course fee – $125 Cash or Check

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