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Introduction to Precision Rifle (Formerly Scoped Rifle 1) 

Course Overview and Requirements

Course consists of Classroom Training, Safety Brief, and Live Fire Drills (NOTE: This course will have some very minor physical exertion)


This course is an introductory class into the proper use and operation of a precision rifle or sniper grade rifle system. During this course the student will engage targets out to distances of 600 yards.


Length of course is 15 hours + (2 day class)


Items required for completion of the course

  • Precision Scoped Rifle – Prefer a Bolt Action or Semi Auto (AR type or similar military type) in the .223, .308, & 30/06 range with a variable power scope with greater than 10 power magnification. Weapons and Scopes should be of a serviceable grade, scope should be above average quality (some refer as match grade) with target style knobs. 

  • Ammunition – minimum of 300 rounds of match quality ammunition.  Quality reloads are acceptable though. 

  • Bipod or Backpack – For use in stabilizing front of rifle (if your old school and going to use a pack make sure you fill it with something rolled up blue jeans or towels work good)

  • Sandbag – For use in stabilizing rear of rifle

  • Steno Type Notebook – For note taking in classroom and on the range

  • Writing Utensiles – For note taking in classroom and on the range ( I suggest a ball point pen, grease pencil, and pencil)

  • Hearing protection – Wrap around or foam ear protection is acceptable.

  • Eye protection – Clear lens only (eye glasses will suffice for this)

  • Mat, Drag bag, or Heavy blanket/tarp – To be use as a barrier between you and the ground

  • Attire – Appropriate clothing for the environment, the range is outdoors.

  • Knee & Elbow Padding – If your tough you won’t need this but it will make the course more enjoyable and your accuracy will be better

  • Proper attitude – Willingness to learn, Focused on Safety

  • Bag Lunch for consumption during range days

  • Water, Gatorade or other hydrating beverages of your choice

  • Course fee – $250 Cash, Check or Paypal

  • $150 Deposit required at the time of booking is required to insure your spot.

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