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P2C - Proficient 2 Carry

Course Overview and Requirements

This course is for individuals that carry concealed or are planning to join the CCW/CCHL community.  This class was designed after years of teaching basic pistol classes and goes in depth into the 3 key areas of personal preparedness (Skill, Tactics and Mindset Development).  This class will challenge and push any individual who truly desires to be a proficient responsible firearms practitioner .   


Required Equipment…


Concealment handgun (what you carry not what you wish you carry in a fight)

Minimum 2 magazines or speed loaders (more is better)

Concealment holster (reliable and safe, no Serpa’s or Serpa like holsters allowed)

250 rounds of reliable ammunition

Appropriate garments needed to conceal firearm

Hearing and Eye protection

Other training aids (sunscreen, water, hat, bandaids, etc)

$125 Cash, Check or Charge

Shooting Targets
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