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Missouri Concealed Carry

Course Overview and Requirements

This course consists of approximately 4 hrs of classroom instruction and 4 hrs of live fire practical drills and the state required qualification. This concealed carry course is approved by the state of Missouri and exceeds the state minimum requirements. 


NOTE: The class we provide is not just some basic course that the state requires and nothing more. Yes this course includes the basics required but along with that comes comprehensive courses to better prepare the student to survive a life and death encounter. If you don’t feel your up to handling a combat course, don’t worry I provide you with personal one on one attention and instruction. I will be patient with you and not push you to move or learn faster than your able. I routinely have students that have never shot a firearm before and upon leaving they not only know how but in many cases are better than shooters that come in with years of weapon handling experience. I promise that you that you will be better and feel better about your shooting abilities than when you came.


Length of course is 8 hours. 

(NOTE: On average classes finish in about 7-8 hours total, but I’ve had class last 10+ hours, we go at your pace)

Items required for completion of the course

  • Firearm – Either a revolver or semi-automatic (Missouri Law has changed and no longer requires that you fire both types) in proper working condition. Semi-automatic’s must have at least one magazine, it would be strongly preferred that you have more, as you will learn more and have more fun doing so. Speedloaders for the revolver is preferred but are not required.

  • Ammunition – minimum of 200 rounds total per shooter (no unsafe ammunition that you dug out of grandpa’s footlocker, as we will not have time for you to run to the store and pick up more ammo if/when the ammo fails to fire or function in your weapon.)  It is preferred that a total of 250 rounds are brought in case additional individual training is needed.

  • Hearing protection – wrap around or foam ear protection is acceptable.

  • Eye protection – sunglasses or perscription glasses will work as long as they cover your eyes and are impact resistent.

  • Attire – Appropriate clothing for the environment, brimmed hat, shirt, shorts or pants.  Ladies I wouldn’t wear loose fitting tops as hot brass going down your shirt doesn’t feel good. The range is outdoors in the real world.

  • Proper attitude – Willing to learn, Focused on Safety

  • Missouri Course fee – $100 Cash, Check or Paypal

  • $50 (NON REFUNDABLE) deposit is required to secure your spot, that deposit can be via cash or check (before you just mail in a check please call or email to insure there is a spot available)


Recommended but not required

  • Holster for the weapon you’re shooting – Due to safety concerns No ankle, cross drawl, or shoulder holsters will be used during this class.

  • Extra Magazines or Speedloaders (you will enjoy the class more if you have extras.)

Shooting Targets
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