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Ammunition For Classes

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We are excited to announce that via the help of our friends at Midwest Tactical and we have IMI Systems 115 GRN 9mm ammunition available for any customer registered for a Maxlife class.  IMI is excellent ammunition and we are excited to be able to offer this to our customers, unfortunately we only have access to 9mm in currently.  Purchasing cannot be made through this site only set up but can be purchased via cash or check made out to MWT (Midwest Tactical) and available for pick up at the class.

Purchasing Instructions

Register and Pay for any class and then contact us via email to verify ammunition  quantity needed.  Once payment is secured, the ammunition will be made available for the class.

Cost Breakdown

100 Rounds $68.55 with tax

200 Rounds $137.09 with tax

For larger quantities additional breaks may be available.

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